Curtain Cleaning

What Is Curtain Cleaning

Curtains are often the most neglected furnishing in the house. it may hang there for years at a time, absorbing household smells from cooking etc, until they are covered in dust and black mould, stains, dirt and also dangerous micro-organisms settle on the curtains which creates a very unhealthy living environment around .

We specialize in cleaning all types of curtains and drapes. Our curtain cleaning technicians are fully trained and are able to give advice and recommend the appropriate treatment for different type of curtain texture. Some fabrics are not suitable for steaming however a dry cleaning service can be provided instead. Our experts are also trained to provide extra care to your belongings.

We offer a full take down, clean and re-hang service on all curtains, overhead treatments and accessories. We can, where required, provide an on-site cleaning service for curtains, but we do recommend a full dry clean for superior results.

If you are looking to get all your curtains, drapes or blinds professionally cleaned, we will be pleased to take care of it for you. No job is ever too big or too small so please " call now for a free no-obligation estimate " .

Before we began with the cleaning of your curtains we pre-test your fabrics to determine the most effective cleaning products and method for your curtains. Then we clean, sanitize and deodorize your Curtains, Shears, Pelmets and Drapes to the highest quality. Removing dust, mould, mildew, drink stains etc. there is no shrinkage, nor color loss, so it is perfectly safe.

We can clean curtains of practically any size, including commercial curtain cleaning in offices, hotels, theatres and all other commercial premises.

Steam Cleaning Curtains

Steam cleaning curtains is an excellent choice for curtains made from very heavy materials or for curtains that are particularly difficult to take down from the rail.