Upholstery & Carpet Cleaning

We have designed a complete Upholstery Cleaning Solutions to meet all the needs of our clients. Our services help in easy maintenance, protection from dirt, wear & tear and for removal of stains from the floor. The long lasting shine and safety of the floor can be achieved through our floor polishing services. Below mentioned are the various techniques which are used for cleaning of various floors. Marble grinding & subsequent protection by crystallization / verification: Marble grinding technique offers new look to the badly soiled marble floors. With the help of ultra modern machines, thin upper layer of stone is removed and after that the care treatment is provided which helps in maintaining the natural appearance of stone. This is a very effective procedure which provides a slip resistant finish and prolongs the life of the marble. Further, it seals the porous marble floor and increases its shine.

Vacuum cleaning with heavy duty vacuum cleaners, to remove the dry and loose dust settled on the carpet and fabrics. Stain removing with solvents concentrated or diluted in water, to remove stubborn stains on the carpet and fabrics, leaving it for 10 min to react with the stain and thereafter cleaning it with plain water using extraction machine.Shampooing of fabric and carpet with rotary scrubber machine, which helps to remove the dust and dirt from the yarn and soften the pile of the carpet and fabrics. Injecting of plain water with spray system into the pile of carpet/fabric and extracting the dirt and soap residue from the carpet, to give it a fresh and clean look.Leaving the carpet/fabric for drying which takes approx 1 hour.

Our machines are capable of producing an excellent high quality wash and scrub. The bristles of the brush can reach deep down into the irregularities of floors, such as grouted tiles. On carpets, the brushes extract dirt, and leave carpets clean and fresh smelling, and dry within one hour.